Preparing for and Coping With the Loss of Your Pet

Although a pet’s passing is never easy, preparing for the eventuality can help ease your mental and emotional distress. Here are four ways to help prepare for—and grieve—your pet’s eventual passing.

  1. Evaluate your pet’s well-being
    Even though pets cannot communicate their discomfort, they can display signs of poor physical and mental health. By using a quality of life scale, you can objectively assess your pet’s condition as they age or experience deterioration from a chronic illness. This scale helps you determine if your pet is suffering and enables you to make informed decisions

  2. Determine the timing for euthanasia
    While an unexpected pet death relieves the burden of deciding on euthanasia, you may question if you missed signs of illness. Deciding when it is appropriate to schedule euthanasia is always challenging. Remember, however, that very few pets pass away peacefully in their sleep, so choosing humane euthanasia can be a compassionate final act to relieve your pet’s suffering.
  3. Plan for your pet’s after-care
    When your pet passes away, you may be unprepared for what comes next. If you anticipate the end is near, discussing how you would like to handle your pet’s remains can alleviate some stress. Cremation, which allows you to receive your pet’s ashes, is a popular option. Aquamation, a newer alternative, is gaining popularity but may not be widely available yet.
  4. Seek support from grief counseling groups
    Alongside leaning on family and friends during your grieving process, consider reaching out to support groups. Many veterinary universities offer pet loss support hotlines, and numerous pet bereavement groups can be found on social media, catering to various situations. Remember, you don’t have to face your journey through grief alone.

If your pet’s health or happiness is declining, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from our team. We can help assess your pet’s quality of life and guide you in preparing for their eventual passing.