1. Walk in the early mornings to avoid burnt paw pads. The side walks are HOT and your pets generally do NOT wear shoes.
  2. Please do not go for walks in the afternoon/evenings unless it is a cool summer night. Canines and Felines do NOT sweat like we do. They only sweat around their nose and paw pads. If you MUST go for an afternoon walk, it is encouraged to wet your dog thoroughly with water PRIOR to your walk to allow the water to evaporate from their skin to help keep them cool. NEVER soak your pet after a walk because if they are too hot, you can send their bodies into shock.
  3. Watch out for SNAKES! The snakes love the summer heat!
  4. Be aware of the heat when you are swimming in your backyard pool. If Fido does not like to be in the pool where it is cool, he should not be outside.
  5. Be cautious around BBQ pits and smokers. Dogs are drawn to these hot objects due to their wonderful smells and the dogs often get burned.