Halloween is just around the corner! Halloween is a such a fun holiday, but it can be a source of terror for our furry friends. Here are a couple of safety tips to avoid unwanted scares this Hallow’s Eve:

Don’t feed your pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum). These treats are toxic to our pets, and no one wants to spend Halloween night in the ER.

Make sure your pet is identified correctly (microchip, collar and ID tag) in case they escape through the opened doors while you’re distracted with trick-or-treaters. Some pets might be frightened by the scary costumes. Make sure everyone is safe at home at the end of the night!

Keep lit candles and jack-o-lanterns out of reach of pets. Pets can require emergency surgery for eating foreign bodies! Unfortunately, some of our furry friends will eat anything within range, not just candy.

If you plan to put a costume on your pet, make sure it fits properly. Our pets can’t talk to let us know if something is too tight or uncomfortable. Check for any costume pieces that can easily be chewed, and make sure the costume won’t interfere with their sight, hearing, breathing, or moving. Allow your pet time to be accustomed to the outfit before Halloween, and never leave your pet unsupervised while wearing a costume.

Keep glow sticks and glow jewelry away from your pets. Although the liquid in these products isn’t likely toxic, it tastes horrible and makes pets salivate excessively and act strangely.

If your pet dislikes strangers or tends to bite, you should put him in another room away from the front door during trick-or-treating hours. Pets can understandably become protective of their homes when “masked intruders” are at the door. By providing a safe hiding place, you may help your pet feel more comfortable.

Make sure any trick-or-treaters are aware that not all pets want to be touched or may be scared from all the excitement. We want to protect all our babies, two and four-legged ones.

Most of all, enjoy all your tricks and treats! Please message us with your adorable pet costume photos so we can share on our page! We would love to see them!

Happy Howl-O-Ween from Trophy Club Animal Hospital!