Halloween is such a fun time of the year for the whole family. From costumes to candy, there’s so much to enjoy! However, it may not be the safest holiday for our furry friends. Chocolate and candy can be harmful for pets to ingest, and there are opportunities for pets to escape with the door opening and closing for trick or treaters. We want to make sure your family has a fun, safe Halloween, so check out these tips from our team.

Socialize Your Pet Throughout the Year

Some pet owners want to take their dogs with them when they make the rounds during Halloween. If that’s the case, make sure you socialize your dog throughout the year leading up to the big night, rather than just a week or two beforehand. Doing this will ensure your pets are comfortable during interactions. Even when your pet is comfortable socializing, keep them leashed when they accompany you and your trick-or-treater. An adult should always hold the animal on a leash and stand on the sidewalk, well away from the Halloween hosts’ doors.

Beware of Candy and Wrappers

Most pet owners know that candy and sugary snacks can make their pets ill — or worse. But beware of candy wrappers, too. If ingested, candy wrappers can get stuck in your pet’s belly and make them sick. Be sure to store your candy on a high-up shelf or in a cabinet your pet can’t get into.

It’s alos important to remind children not to share their candy with pets, and keep a close eye on kid-pet interactions. Children might not realize the seriousness of sharing candy with pets.

Keep a Close Eye on Pumpkin and Corn Decorations

Pumpkin is not toxic to dogs or cats. In fact, it’s sometimes included in their diets (in a canned form) as a source of fiber. So if your pet does ingest raw pumpkin you might expect changes in their regularity. But other decorations might prove more dangerous.

Indian corn is not easily digestible and could provoke indigestion. Swallowing a cob might even block the intestines, which could be quite serious, and it might even require emergency surgery. The best and safest bet is to keep your pets away from Indian corn and pumpkin.

Make Sure Candles, String and Wrapping Paper Out of Reach

Flickering candles can entice your pet to explore, causing burns or worse. Clearly, you shouldn’t let pets near any open flames. Also, keep string and wrapping paper away from pets. It cannot only upset their stomachs, but the items can also wind around critical organs, necessitating emergency surgery.

Make Sure Your Pet Has ID

Identification tags and microchips are the best gifts you can give a pet, said Bank. And, of course, make sure you keep the information current. More pets go missing on holidays than other days of the year, so it’s especially important leading up to the holiday season. With a microchip, shelters and veterinarians can identify a pet’s owner and contact them to be reunited. The implantation of an identification device that is the size of a grain of rice that is kept under the skin. It is a safe, simple form of identification that can significantly increase the chance that a lost or stolen pet is returned safely.

We wish you all a fun, spooky, and safe Halloween! If you have questions or concerns, our team is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!